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Sing to the LORD, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.… Psalm 96:1

Our motive: encourage & enrich everyone in faith
The power of music, however, can lift our spirits even when our circumstances deem

Our christian songs & music can lead us to God’s love and presence in our lives.we have gathered these powerful Christian songs to uplift and inspire those in despair or feeling down or depressed. Reach the world with the message of Jesus christ.Welcome to our Website . Adonai Radiocast is online streaming service with no subscription service but donation accepted.Radio Adonai is the Mobile service 

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  • Christian Gospel Songs of all times            -         Stories behind the songs            -      Hymns

  • ​Teachings                                                       -         Related Topics                              -      Sermons  
  • Bible Reading                                                 -         Psalms                                          -      Prayer

  • Testimonials                                                   -         Quick Thoughts                            -      Less than 5 mts podcasts


Hear Christian songs Malayalam English

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If you have missed an episode or what to study in detail, this teaching page is a collection of episodes from different speaker around the globe.

Here you can get know the speaker and their messages on different topics


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