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Don't Lose Heart

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.

LUKE 18:1

Many people give up too easily in prayer. When they don't see the answer almost immediately, they quit. we may ask, "God knows my need. Why doesn't He just give it to me

Whether we agree with God's ways, or not:God is still in charge and makes the rules -- not Us.

Scripture has many examples of people pressing in and receiving answers to prayer. We should never be quitters when it comes to prayer. It is God's will to answer our prayers. He is the One who told us to pray. God actually delights in answering our prayers.

God's plan for us, is to grow up spiritually. God wants to enlarge our faith and encourage us to develop a closer relationship with Him. Don't despair in prayer. Keep on praying in faith as long as you are praying according to God's Word.

A delay does not mean that God is saying No to our request.

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