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We are God's Garden

God's Word is a seed (Luke 8:11). As believers, we are God's garden -- the place where seed is planted.

The question for us to consider is: who determines the harvest?

Harvest is mainly controlled by the one who determines what seed is planted. Would you agree? If wheat seed is planted, it is unreasonable to expect a harvest of corn. If only a few seeds are planted, it is unreasonable to expect a large harvest. Wouldn't you agree?

Yes, We are God's field, but He allows you a lot of freedom to choose what will be produced in our life. And the main way we choose is by choosing what seed will be planted in our heart and mind. We can choose something other than God's Word. We can also choose different areas of God's Word. Planting different scriptures will produce different results in your life.

... Lord, help me plant the seed of your Word in me in abundance.

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